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Quiet Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Floor squeaks can appear after a house has settled and the lumber is dried out and has shrunk. Traditional hardwood strip flooring is the most common offender, but all types of flooring can cause a chorus. Boards rub together or slide against nail shafts, duct work, or piping as you walk across them. Loose subflooring can also create an awful sound effect.

Squeaks can be silenced in mere minutes for less than $20 if you know what you’re doing.

Required Tools:
Cordless Drill
Tape Measure
Circular Saw
Caulk Gun
Drill Bit Set
Safety Glasses
Utility Knife

Materials Needed:
Construction Adhesive

Go into the basement or crawl space so you’re under the flooring. Have someone walk cross and listen for the squeak to pinpoint the spot. Have them spring up and down on the offending area so you can listen and watch for subfloor movement, loose nails, or rubbing seams. Your solution will depend on the problem.
Fill Gaps With Shims
If you see a small gap, fill it with a shim.

  • When you spot the gap, coat a thin wood shim with carpenter’s glue (shims are available at any home center or lumberyard)
  • Gently tap the shim into the space between the joist and subfloor, but not so far as to raise the flooring (just fill the gap)

Reinforce the Joists
If you locate wide gaps along sagging or damaged joists or see the subfloor is poorly supported, add blocking to stop movement.

  • Measure the length of the subfloor gap for 2×4 blocking
  • Extend the block about 1 foot on each end
  • Cut away protruding nails with diagonal cutters
  • Apply construction adhesive to the side and top of the blocking before installation
  • Predrill screw holes for 2-1/2-inch wood screws
  • Drive wood screws into the joist

Fill Gaps with Adhesive
If the gap is too irregular or wide for a shim, or you can’t pinpoint the exact source of the squeak, fill the space with glue.

  • Squeeze a thick bead of construction adhesive into the crack along both sides of the squeaky joist and subfloor
  • Apply glue to adjacent joist and subfloor joints as well

Block Beneath Squeaky Joints
If movement in a subfloor is causing the squeak, stop it with a block under the joint for support.

  • Cut 2×8 blocking to fit snugly between joists
  • Add construction adhesive to the top and slide it into place
  • Drive additional nails or screws to anchor the block

Screw Hardwood Flooring From Below
If the squeak is caused by the edges of a board rubbing against another, dust them with talcum powder and work it into the cracks. It may be that easy! However, you might need to screw the subfloor to the wood flooring from below.

  • Drill a 1/8-in. pilot hole about 1/2 in. less than the thickness of the entire floor
  • Use screws 1/4 in. shorter than the floor thickness so it won’t penetrate the surface – (Find the floor thickness by either removing a floor register and measuring the floor where the duct comes through, or by drilling a small hole in an out-of-the-way corner and measuring with a nail)
  • Mark desired drilling depth on the drill bit with masking tape
  • Space screws every 6 in. in the area of the squeak
  • Have someone stand on the floor above while you drive the screws
  • Set heads flush with subfloor and drive No. 8 wood screws into it

The Squeak-Ender is a $7 tool that cleverly eliminates noisy floorboards as well.

The Counter-Snap Kit is an $8 aid that is used to provide a nearly undetectable way to stop the noise.

Hopefully these tips from Fred Callaghan Flooring will help you find your peace and quiet again. On the other hand, you may decide those squeaky floors are a security aid. You’ll certainly know if there’s an unwanted guest or if the teenagers are sneaking in past curfew again!

Are Engineered Hardwood Floors Right For You?

Engineered flooring is a multi-layered product with species chosen as the top layer (veneer). Top veneers vary in thickness among manufacturers.

Installation methods vary depending on the structure of the material and the manufacturers’ recommended installation guidelines. They may be glued down, floated, or stapled.

This flooring can be conveniently installed directly on concrete and on wood sub-floors. Underlayment may be needed when installing on wood sub-floors if glued or stapled. When the floor is floated, foam underlayment is required.

Engineered flooring is more stable than solid flooring in any circumstance.

The manufacturers are always releasing attractive, updated engineered flooring in various widths and finishes in numerous colors and species. Whether you prefer smooth or hand-scraped, stop by Fred Callaghan Flooring to see the latest styles and trends.

Revitalizing Existing Hardwoods

Did you know Fred Callaghan Flooring offers re-sanding and refinishing of hard wood floors?

Are you snagging your socks? Does no amount of cleaning and shining do justice anymore? If you’ve got a great, solid wood under foot, but the family pet, kids, or heels have done a number on them through the years, a little work from our skilled craftsmen could have them impressing guests once again.

We can assist you in selecting an entirely new stain for a total makeover, or simply seal in a new shine. Perhaps you’ve made an addition and need to match the old hardwoods to the new installation. That’s our specialty! Call Fred Callaghan Flooring at 610-647-5566 for a free estimate.

What ‘Wood’ You Choose?

New hardwood introductions from Shaw, Mohawk, and Armstrong are now in stock! Whether you prefer distressed, hand-scraped, specialty, parquet, or traditional wood, we’ve got you covered. From ash to walnut and everything in between – like birch, cherry, and hickory. Choose your gloss, thickness, and plank size from our wide selection of looks and styles for a fully customizable flooring solution.

Considering hardwood for the first time?
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about hardwood: hardness, photo sensitivity, grading quality, and construction by clicking here.

Summer Carpeting Upgrades

New carpet offerings from Mohawk, Karastan, Shaw Industries, and Tuftex are now in stock! Fred Callaghan Flooring has everything to suit your tastes: interesting patterns, soft plushes, sturdy California berbers, shags, more! Stop in today to see the wide selection or schedule an appointment with a designer on staff at 610-647-5566.




Spruce Up for Summer!

It’s the time for new seasons and new beginnings! School’s out and graduation celebrations are coming to a close. Kids are getting ready to move to college and there’s that extra bedroom to convert into a guest room, a man cave, library, or craft room. Now is the perfect time to spruce up the house just in time for warmer weather, with all the cheerful summer hues!
New introductions in ceramic flooring are arriving on a daily basis. We’ve got plenty of offerings in the new, trendy large sizes (10 x 24,12 x 24, and 8 x 24) in every finish you could imagine, including matte, bright, porcelain, and ceramic.

Come on in and see what’s new and in stock or call Fred Callaghan Flooring at 610-647-5566 for a free estimate or to schedule an appointment with an interior designer.

Lacey Act Upheld at Callaghan

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about hardwood flooring manufacturers that ignore the Lacey Act. Fred Callaghan represents ONLY companies that comply with the law, including the Lacey Act of 1900.

Sale Continued
GREAT deals still exist on inventoried carpet. Get it while it lasts at Fred Callaghan Flooring!


Gray Is The New Tan

The flooring industry is heating up our blustery winter with HOT new styles, improved products, and exciting colors.

My father used to tell me, “Whatever you do, don’t throw out your fat ties.” In other words, what goes around, comes around.

Gray is back en vogue in a huge way. This color has returned as a trendy ‘neutral’. It’s been reborn in ceramic, carpet, vinyl, and wood. Gray wood? Yes, and it looks great! Take a peek!

Showroom updated weekly!
All of the exciting new offerings debuted in December and January are finally making it to the showroom. Stop by today and have a look!

Happy New Year!

2014 is going to be an interesting year for the floor covering industry. Our owner will be attending all manufacturer shows to discover the latest introductions to the market.

The first show we will be attending is Mohawk Industries. It includes brands like Columbia Hardwood, Wunda Weve Carpet, Karastan Carpet, Aladdin Commercial Carpet, and Congoleum Vinyl Products. We’re excited to see, feel and hear about the newest trends.

We predict vinyl floor covering and soft carpet will be on the rise this year, as the market cost of hardwood continues to steadily increase.

You can depend on Callaghan Flooring to be your leader in flooring trends! Stay tuned for our reports on these and other new introductions!

Truly a HARD Wood!

No more dings, chips, and scratches on these durable hardwoods! Why? They’re actually ceramic tiles! You won’t believe your eyes, even on second glance. Can you guess which one of these is actually true hardwood?

Did we fool you? Because NONE of them are!

Wood-look ceramic planks vary from 3″ wide to 6″ wide and lengths vary from 24″ up to 60″. Select from a wide variety of styles: traditional, rustic, modern, minimal grout, striated, or hand scraped.

Other benefits of wood look-a-like ceramic tile:

  • Tile resists moisture, so it won’t expand or crack. Install it in your bath, kitchen or poolside without fear!
  • The wider the wood plank, the pricier the project. Not true with ceramic! That modern style can be all yours!
  • Tile is FAR easier to clean and maintain.

So, dance all you want in your stilettos! Adopt that large dog you’ve always wanted!

It’s an exciting time in the flooring industry, with so many innovative inventions and emerging trends. Flooring has truly become FASHION. Stop by and see the latest fashions for your home at Callaghan’s!

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